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And so our tale begins....
It has been only a few weeks that I have been back on land and I already regret returning. My mother dutifully informed me today that the village weapon master, Sigrunn, was brutally attacked on the road back from the Southern lands. His body was found, barely recognizable, by one of our hunting parties. We know not what creature could possibly have bested Sigrunn, certainly no beast could have slain him in a fair fight. The village has decided that a group should be sent to investigate. In an effort to clearly increase the homogenous nature of the village eve n further tan it already is, they have decided that the Dwarven raised half-elf with the kicking hard body shall be teamed with the other freak of the town, namely me. I don’t know how the tough ass half elf, Thora, feels but I am pleased to go…
sigil, the first days

This place is very strange. I thought Irrisen was a little different…the Femur bone walls of Whitethrone are normal compared to the skyless town I am in. There is no fricking sky! The top of the city is just more bottom!

The fact that we are in this godforsaken place seems to have made our little group a little more comfortable with one another. Saucer seems a bit like a wee pansy but that Thora…she’s a curious one. She talks like that dwarf merchant I used to deal with across the North Sea, although she is much less of a stubborn, cheap ass bastard than he. She’s infinitely hotter as well. Bit on the na├»ve side but that’s not all fuckin bad, if you get me,

This place is full of all types of bastards. Demons, angels, ogres…there’s a six armed demon woman bartender for fucks sake…and she’s hot as a funeral pyre.

Gotta go…

Bad News Bears!!!

This city just keeps gettin’ more unusual. First, Saucer got hooked on some Fire Booze after one sip. He woke up in some sort of state…had to backhand the bastard like a sailor gone mad with sea blindness. He was none too pleased. Then, Thora ‘accidently’ let her bigass shield fly into his face during a lil’ skirmish. Oh yeah, that fight, it happened to be with the super goodie goodie bear angels that I was too evil to stand next to. Seems they have this idea that we are cavorting with demons. I told ‘em that I haven’t slept with the maralith yet…

Whatever, we pretty much gave em a good thrashing and they ran like the cubs they are. Got a feelin the temple might not stop their holy pursuit of us…


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