sigil, the first days

This place is very strange. I thought Irrisen was a little different…the Femur bone walls of Whitethrone are normal compared to the skyless town I am in. There is no fricking sky! The top of the city is just more bottom!

The fact that we are in this godforsaken place seems to have made our little group a little more comfortable with one another. Saucer seems a bit like a wee pansy but that Thora…she’s a curious one. She talks like that dwarf merchant I used to deal with across the North Sea, although she is much less of a stubborn, cheap ass bastard than he. She’s infinitely hotter as well. Bit on the na├»ve side but that’s not all fuckin bad, if you get me,

This place is full of all types of bastards. Demons, angels, ogres…there’s a six armed demon woman bartender for fucks sake…and she’s hot as a funeral pyre.

Gotta go…



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